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Earthworks Surveys

  • Plant Site Preparations
  • Plant-site Control Positioning
  • Road & Ditching Layout to Asbuilts
  • Excavation & Stockpile Volumes
  • Containment Dykes and Berms

Residential Surveys

  • Locate & Grade for Underground Services
  • Curb & Gutter Layout
  • Topographies
  • Drafting Services for Surveys

Mechanical Surveys

  • Vessel Nozzle Orientations
  • Plant Shutdown Data Collection
  • Piping As-builds for Spool Fabrications
  • Micrometer Sole Plate & Pump Installations
  • Vessel Interior & Exterior Nozzle Locates
  • Pump Placing & Realignments
  • Conveyor Belt Module and Roller Realignments
  • Piping As-builds for Remanufactured Spool Pieces
  • Micrometer Surveys on Large Flow Pumps and Rotation Rings
  • Conveyor Head Station Surveys

Industrial Surveys

  • Equipment Placements
  • Steel Plumbing and Reports
  • Module Alignments
  • Crane Positioning and Lifting Alignments
  • Vessel Nozzle Confirmations
  • Plant Shutdown Vessel Modifications
  • Burner Floor Monitoring Surveys
  • High Wall Monitoring Strategies

Pipeline Surveys

  • Pre-engineering Surveys
  • Above and Below Ground Pipeline Layouts
  • Above and Below Ground Pipeline Asbuilts
  • SAGD Well Pad Layout and Associated Piping
  • Transmission Screw Pile Pipeline Layouts

Geomatic Point Surveys

Geomatic Point Surveys

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