Case Study – CWA 27”-24” Line 2500 Pipe to Bolted Drain Clash

Our work history is reflected in not just a list of projects we’ve been involved in; it is also reflected in the knowledge, experience and value we bring to the job site.  For an idea of that value, please see the case study here below.

With our union parent entity Sands Surveys 2000 Ltd. we had worked on this large Exxon Mobile pipeline project providing survey and location services. In this particular case we had been called in to look at an issue located off the main pipeline. At the lowest spot on the grading a drain had been installed to clean out the pipeline, however it was discovered that the flange on the drain failed to meet its counterpart closely enough to connect and seal properly.

Our people onsite surveyed the location of both pipes and flanges to determine the distances and angles involved in the gap, and were able to not only shoot the data but analyse it, sketch out the layout of the involved components and associated gaps and perhaps most valuably provide immediate recommendations as to solutions supported by the data and drawings developed in the field. Backed up by CAD drawings provided shortly thereafter the customer’s engineering department was able to design and have manufactured an S-shape coupling that connected the two mismatched ends.

While the issue could have become the cause of a significant delay in that portion of the project, our precision in surveying the issue, experience in analysing, and recommending a solution and ability to deliver useful on-site drawings, followed by CAD drawings, minimized the impact of the clash and maintained project momentum. It was the quality and expertise of our people onsite that delivered a win for our customer and the project as a whole.